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  • HCM City: 306 Hong Lac Street, Ward 11, Tan Binh District
  • HA NOI: Minh Thu Ecopark, Unit 9, Ninh Hiep Hamlet, Gia Lam District
  • Factory: No. 9, Dang Thi Nghi str, Tan Phu Trung Ward, Cu Chi District, HCMC
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About us


Material of fashion

Born after many other textile units on the market, but Dong Phuong Fiber Co., Ltd has been constantly innovating modern technology, controlling product quality to provide users with products that meet export standards. with the most affordable price.

Besides, we also always innovate trends and business processes, to constantly update changes in fashion styles of consumers and markets.

  • Overview

    With the strong development of Vietnam's textile and garment industry today, it has created a great demand for suppliers of garment accessories. Dong Phuong Fiber Co., Ltd was born with the goal of meeting the needs of the market through the production and supply of products of export quality, high added value and using the most advanced technology. . The company is a supplier of yarn weaving, weaving, and trading of spandex.


    In addition to focusing on product quality, Dong Phuong yarns also pays attention to cost control, so that the price reaches consumers is the most competitive price. In addition, the company also has a large and small truck system, sufficient to supply orders across the country with the fastest delivery time.

    In order to meet the increasing demands of customers, Dong Phuong Fiber Co., Ltd. has been constantly expanding production, currently the Company has 1 branch in Hanoi, 2 branches in Ho Chi Minh City and 1 textile factory in Cu Chi - Ho Chi Minh City with an area of ​​up to 1000m2, productivity of 500 tons of fabric / month, sufficient to supply customers large and small across the country.


    The company's extensive partner network is the fiber distributors imported from India, Korea, China ... The system of close customers reaches over 2000 domestic and foreign customers. Dong Phuong also applies the modern manpower management method for more than 100 employees of the company to build a dedicated and customer-oriented team.


  • Our Products


    With a team of experienced experts, acutely grasping the tastes of the market, Dong Phuong Fiber Co., Ltd. has invested in modern equipment and machinery imported from Japan and Taiwan to meet the needs. demand of Partners and consumers.

    Therefore, the company's textile fiber products are well received and appreciated by customers, creating a high competitive position in the market.

    The typical yarn materials we manufacture include: COTTON; POLYESTER and SPANDEX; TENCEL; MODAL; CVC; TC.


    The typical weaving styles we manufacture include:
    RIB fabric 1 x 1
    RIB fabric 2 x 2
    INTERLOCK / FILTER fabrics
    PIQUE Fabric / Crocodile Skin
    TEXTILE Fabrics
    TWO WAY fabric

    In addition, Dong Phuong Fiber Company also accepts the production of knitted fabrics according to the orders of customers. With an advanced finishing line for fabric dyeing, the Company undertakes a process of dyeing and stretching to shape a variety of fabrics and colors depending on the needs of customers.

  • The strength of DONG PHUONG

    The system of modern equipment and latest technology, high commitment to products of quality standards (according to orders).

    Using high quality and environmentally friendly materials. Chemicals, dyes meet OEKO-TEX standards. Ensure products are suitable for consumers' health.

    Providing a closed service from fiber raw materials, weaving, dyeing, finishing of finished products to the most optimal products, meeting the export conditions of CPTPP and EVFTA.

    There are often exchanges and advice from international experts on dyeing technology.

    Management team and professional work, apply 4.0 technology in management.

    Large network of customers, domestic and international partners.

    Coming to Dong Phuong Fiber Co., Ltd, surely customers will receive the best service. Customer satisfaction is the highest goal of Dong Phuong fiber company. We always uphold the prestige in business, so that we can build a strong brand and a sustainable brand in the domestic market of textile and garment in Vietnam.

  • Vision and mission

    Becoming one of the largest Textile Companies in the South and the whole country, with modern equipment, friendly environment, sustainable and efficient growth, contributing to the overall development of the Textile and Garment industry. Vietnam, gradually bringing products to foreign markets.

    Providing finished textile products with competitive prices, regularly supported by leading international experts, creating stability in quality, high reliability, enthusiastic customer service , thoughtful.

    Dong Phuong Fiber Co., Ltd is committed to constantly researching and developing techniques and unique and unique textile and garment products. At the same time, increase brand value through providing prestigious services and high quality products to satisfy customers.

Guest comments

Chị Nguyễn Thanh Hà

Miss Nguyen Thanh Ha

Director - Binh Minh Company
"I am very satisfied with the quality of Dong Phuong spandex products, especially they deliver very quickly and in sufficient quantities"
Hồ Ái Vân

Ho Ai Van

CEO AVA Uniform
"Thanks to Dong Phuong, AVA's uniform products are always appreciated by customers for fabric materials and colors"
Nguyễn Hoàng Phương

Nguyen Hoang Phuong

CEO of Gia Minh Uniform
"Dong Phuong is a partner providing fabrics with high quality and competitive prices."

Our team

People are a valuable asset of an enterprise

With a young, dynamic and enthusiastic staff, Dong Phuong is confident to continuously develop in the future



  • HCM City: 306 Hong Lac Street, Ward 11, Tan Binh District
  • HA NOI: Minh Thu Ecopark, Unit 9, Ninh Hiep Hamlet, Gia Lam District
  • Factory: No. 9, Dang Thi Nghi str, Tan Phu Trung Ward, Cu Chi District, HCMC
  • Phone: 0818197777 - 0946404433
  • Email:
  • Website:

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